Application rollouts


Be it a database or an office suite, applications need to be properly configured to sit on your network. Some applications especially e-mail, are more complex than others and need to be designed around the organisations security and administration policies. Bespoke consulting will design, configure, document and test the implementation before hand over which concludes with training. We advise on the best licensing options for your organisation with regards to the application.

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After the job is done, testing finished and the hand over implemented 'welcome to the real world'.

Things always change: user numbers vary, data grows at a different rate than expected, bottlenecks appear as user demands increases from what was forecast. Suddenly the goal posts move and the level of response time promised seems impossible to meet.

Bespoke consulting anticipate demand using best and worst case scenarios, always preparing for the latter. Our system overview generally allows us to clear the bottle neck with minimal disruption.

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