Bespoke consulting are not tied to any vendors or software houses. We choose suppliers nationwide that guarantee a high level of service, on our clients behalf. Depending on your requirements and the current specification of your system, we will assess what is needed and recommend the most effective solution. Local call outs and estimates are free

We recycle computer parts. Old out of date computers can be used as fire walls. Floppy drives, memory sticks and other components can interchanged from machines that have reached the end of their shelf life to those that haven't. Contact us to see what we can do for your organisation


Companies today demand more from their systems than ever before. End users often don't understand the the long term consequenses of todays technical purchases

Organisations need more leverage from their technology investments to stay within their budgets. Bespoke consulting will fill this role by doing the necessary research and advising, before purchasing and installing the equipment.

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