A holistic appraisal ensures we have a thorough understanding of your organisations history, goals and methods. Only then do we embark on the solutions. Bottlenecks and areas that require improvement are identified and if commercially justifiable, recommended. Recognising that your company's future depends upon making swift, strategic moves and that you need to get it right the first time--and fast. Bespoke consulting will help you define a well-conceived strategy and determine the best business solutions for your organization.

Initial consultations within the greater London area of the UK are free. Please fill out the contact form to arrange a visit.



Consulting starts with an audit of IT assets. A consultant will talk to strategic members of staff to gauge current IT practice and policy.

Departmental interaction will be evaluated and standardisation opportunities identified, especially for e-mail systems, databases, common applications and hardware. The physical layout of the organisation will be transposed to an effective logical plan.

Bespoke consulting will take into account current IT infrastructure and if migrations are recommended implementation will be executed with as little disruption and down time as possible. At times this means working evenings or over the weekend when staff are off the premises.

Bespoke will compile a report with our recommendations approximate cost and expected duration of the project before the start. This will be submitted to senior management for approval before execution.

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