Bespoke clubs


With the advent of mp3s and other digital formats for delivering music, Bespoke Consulting are one of the few entities that provide a service specially geared to night clubs and other music venues. This is a most exciting project that allows holders of P.P.L..licences to maximise their spend by improving the service while reducing costs.

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Bespoke clubs offers an insight to the future. It involves networking an organisation (usually a music venue) and installing an mp3 database on a server. Client computers, sited around the organisation can then tap into the server for the retrieval of music. Bespoke consulting will arrange for access to an Internet pipeline with a bandwidth large enough for streaming the music or any other data. This will allow access to a massive database of music, 24/7, at a fraction of the cost buying music physically. Bespoke consulting can populate the music database with over a thousand songs. This gives the venue more control over musical delivery and policy. Other departments within the organisation can cost effectively be incorporated into the network allowing the organisation to share uniform data and the easier dissemination of company policy.
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